Full Steam Ahead

Got some good news today!

We were given the go ahead today from the MEPS doctor, so our plans are as concrete as we can ever expect. Tim will be shipping out to Air Force Basic Training at next Tuesday, May 26th. Basic is held at Lackland AFB  in San Antonio, TX, and if everything goes as planned Tim should graduate BMT on the 24th of July.

After that the plans get a bit hazy, but we do know that he will be heading out to Keesler AFB in Biloxi, Mississippi for Tech School and that we expect his graduation to be sometime around November.

And some more slightly related photos from my arsenal:


This is a photo of Tim taking his enlistment oath on June 13th, 2008 (We haven’t decided if it is an omen that Tim signed his enlistment contract on Friday the 13th…. though it wouldent suprise me!) The officers working at the MEPSstation were very nice and let me sneak into the room for the oath to take pictures


And this is the Naval Officer who lead the enlistment ceremony. I could kick myself for not writing down his name at the time. He was fascinating to talk to, and gave a very heartfelt inspiring speech.


Please excuse the quality of these photos – the camera I was using had recently had a near death experience in the Pacific Ocean, needless to say it was just barely hobbling on.


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One response to “Full Steam Ahead

  1. lisakathleen515

    Hey there, I was just surfing around wordpress and found your blog. My husband also shipped to Lackland on Tuesday. We have 2 kids as well who are missing their daddy :). Do you know what flight he is in? Did you get a 3 a.m. call? (Probably would have been 2 in Denver.)

    Would love to get in touch somehow … we also have a blog but I am putting more personal info on it and if you want to email me at lisakleatherman@gmail.com then I can give you the address.

    Looks like your kids are about the same age as ours … the older is almost 3 and the younger just turned 1.

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