I always knew he was my knight in shining armor!

Well, Tim did leave as planned for Basic Training last Tuesday, so the ball really is starting to roll. Well, at least for him it is – I’m still stuck in the waiting phase 🙂

Sunday (May 24th) we went and had family photos done – unfortunately we got a photographer that wasn’t terribly skilled and a toddler that wanted nothing to do with taking photos, so we didn’t get a good “family” photo, but there were some other gems in there.

On Monday, as a farewell outing for Tim we joing my mother and Marlys down at the Garden of the Godsin Colorado Springs, CO. There was some rain at the beginning of our walk, but it didn’t last long and soon it was just cool and overcast.


We walked around the large paved loop just off of the main parking lot. It was a nice jont and the air smelled so good after the rain!

Then we headed over to Balanced Rock and Eliza had a great time climbing running and scaling (much to her poor mother’s horror) the rocks.


Tim and Eliza posing under Balanced Rock

after a second try, it looks like we finally got a pretty good family photo

After we left the Garden of the Gods, we had a nice dinner and headed back to Denver to drop Tim off at the MEPS hotel. We took advantage of the indor pool and took the kids swimming as our last family outing for a while. Then we said our goodbyes and the kids and I headed back home.

I ended up having to go back the next day because we forgot Tim’s packet of documents in the car, so I spent a couple of hours with him in the relative privacy of the family lounge. I stayed until they loaded all they guys up into vans and took them off to the airport.

He gave me a very brief phone call that night, consisting mainly of “I just wanted to let you know that I got here safe, love you, bye!”

 I was told to expect another brief phone call from him this past weekend to give me his address. It never came, and in all honesty I’m not surprised – just a little frustrated that I arranged my weekend around a non-existent phone call. C’est La Vie.

I did call down yesterday to get his address (so did Marguerite – thanks!), and he is evidently in the 324th Training Squadron – which my google-fu tells me are The Knights (So now you’ve figured out what my title means! Kept you hanging, didn’t I?). Seems to be a pretty appropriate mascot for him, don’t you think?



Of course, the token photo of Eliza at the post office showing off the nice fat stack of mail we sent Tim – that is 9 letters in 7 days – there is NO way Tim can claim that we don’t love him 🙂

And for posterity sake, here is our count-down ticker:


So, well, there we are – the kids and I are now trying to just get back into the daily grind, and Tim, well I suppose right now he is probably mainly trying to adjust to being always wrong 🙂

The kids don’t seem to be very phased that he is gone, and I think I am adjusting pretty well. I miss him very much, but I’m trying my best to pick up the slack left in his place. I just can’t wait for graduation weekend (July 24th) – I am finding myself really antsy for that date to roll around.


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