Pleased as Punch

***I just wanted to take a moment to give a shout out to Lisa, a fellow Air Force wife whose husband is also in basic training and set to graduate July 24th. Lisa found me through this blog and it has been an absolute pleasure to get to know her and her lovely family. I can’t wait to meet you in person come graduation day!***


Well, Tim has been gone for three and a half weeks so far. Communication has been scarce to say the least. I’ve received two missed calls, and one ten-mintues-turned-to-two call, and two very short letters.

But last night we got to speak for ten whole minutes – even with a bad phone connection and two screaming kids it was wonderful! He said a lot of things, most of which I can’t even begin to remember. But since I know you guys are curious, some of the things he did say were:

-He is doing very well. He is a little worried about the pushup part of his PT test, but he still had 10 more days to improve before the test.

-He had been given a Training Instructor that had a reputation of being a hardass. It seems that reputation caught up with him as he was removed from his position for inappropriate behavior regarding trainees. Tim’s flight welcomed their new TI yesterday. 

-He was told that they were going to go in to get fitted for their blues in the next two weeks.

-Tim has made a good number of friends with the other trainees. As a bonus, he has three other guys in his flight that will be going to the same Tech School as he.

-Tech School runs 12 weeks + 3 days. That means that as long as he starts Tech School right on time as planned he will be graduating on the 23rd of October. That is the week before Garret’s First Birthday, our 4th Wedding Anniversary, and of course, Halloween.

-That Lackland is on high alert as far as security goes. Tim didn’t have a lot of details, just that he had been told that there had been some sort of threat made against “The Gateway”. Needless to say, we have been warned that for graduation anyone who does not have a military ID will have a background check run on them, and that they are wanting the information for that now. So if you are even thinking about coming to Tim’s BMT graduation, please let me know so I can get that info to him asap.

-He should be able to call a little more often, as they are past the major crack-down phase. Now, I’m not counting on it, but I admit that it would be wonderful!


 Since curiosity killed the cat, and satifaction brought him back, here are some links for those of you wondering what BMT is like:


–Edited to add–

I just got another call from Tim. Two calls in two days – I’ve got a good luck streak going here 🙂

We didn’t really talk about much mainly just chitchat. He was able to call to go over the Dream Sheet with me. No Brittish Bases are available 😦  but the bases in Germany and Italy are.

He said that it has been very high stress, but that they were given the privilege of listening to music today while they were doing their various details.

And he asked me to send more “sappy romantic poems and stuff” so that his friends can copy them to woo their girls back home. I should note that this all came about because I had sent him Pablo Neruda’s Sonnet xvii, which was a poem we used in our wedding.  ::cracks up::  I can totally see where this is going!



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3 responses to “Pleased as Punch

  1. Morwynne

    Yay for contact! Glad things seem to be going so well for Tim… have fun looking up “sappy” stuff!

  2. lisakathleen515

    “sappy romantic poems and stuff”!!!!!

    that is HILARIOUS!!!!!!

    you know those girlfriends are gonna think those guys dreamed that up themselves.

    ha ha. it’s more fun to be a wife 🙂 not worried about what will happen afterward!

  3. Ben

    I wish I could go to Lackland for graduation. I hope you get some good pictures to share.

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